Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Historymaker?

We’ve designed Historymaker for students ages 12-19, volunteers and their leaders. We encourage you to bring your youth ministry, friends, school mates, student leaders, volunteers, but really, it is for everyone and anyone. All events, sessions, REAL talks, and the conference are geared towards EVERY spiritual journey within students, NextGen ministry, leaders and volunteers. Everyone has a place at Historymaker.

I’m new to Historymaker. Would the conference be of benefit to me?

Historymaker is #morethanaconference. Historymaker is an opportunity for students and leaders alike to have a life-altering encounter with the Living God so that they can be encouraged, equipped and empowered to reach their friends for Christ. This weekend would benefit you as Historymaker is on a mission to reach a generation for Christ through you. Enjoy!

I’m ready to register for Historymaker, where do I register?

Registration is simple and easy. All the details are online here

What do I do when I arrive to Register at Historymaker Conference?
Please delegate your Primary Group Leader to arrive at Conference Venue to pick up registration packages for your group.   

I would like to bring a group to Historymaker. Is there is discount?

For the purpose of the Historymaker, we define groups as 10 people or more. To obtain the discount as well as find out about all the swanky perks that come with it, email our team here. If you register a few and then later register more people to achieve groups status, your additions will receive the current groups discount and you’ll still be eligible for all the on-site fun stuff, too.

When will we be able to register for the REAL talks (breakout sessions)?

All the breakout sessions are online at The REAL talks are designed to not FILL you with a bunch of information but resource you to be encouraged, equipped and empowered to be all that God has created you and your youth ministry/students to be. There is no online registration for the REAL talks, however, all talks will fill up SO we encourage you to show up early.

Where is Historymaker?

This year Historymaker will be hosted in Chilliwack, BC at First Avenue Church. Historymaker has moved to a local church to offer accessible registration rates, a more intimate venue and a world-class event/show for EVERYONE and ANYONE to attend. Seating is limited and is planned to sell out so we would encourage you to register right away at

What else do I need to know?

As Historymaker has moved to a local church, Historymaker will be bringing 12 food trucks on site from the BC Food Truck Association all day Saturday for lunch and dinner (May 16). The food trucks will be on site at Chilliwack Secondary where all the REAL talks will be presented. This is to help leaders, volunteers and students to get a great meal at an affordable price (ranging $3.00-$10.00/meal). Also, you will be able to attend the REAL talks.

What are the dates for Historymaker 2016?

Well, aren’t you quite the planner! The tentative dates are May 20-22, 2016. Mark those calendars! Location will be released AFTER the main session on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Do you provide ongoing resources for students, leaders and/or parents?

YES… we are glad that you are asking this. Historymaker has yearlong resources at
Also, check out Andy Gabruch’s blog (the Historymaker Director) at

Is Historymaker looking for volunteers?

If you are interested in volunteering at Historymaker, please connect here.

Do you have any other event opportunities like Historymaker?

Yes… Historymaker offers a year long range of pre-tour events and camps throughout BC and the Yukon. For details, click here.

Do you provide any opportunities for leadership development?

YES… besides Historymaker, there are many leadership options to events, retreats, regional seminars and personal coaching. All the details at online at

Where can I stay during Historymaker?

Check out our hotels, camps, and schools who offer accommodations at Historymaker here.

Need to connect with Historymaker?

If you have any other questions, please check out the Historymaker website or say hello here.