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Budget Template

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Student Testimony Form

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Here's how to make HistoryMaker18 #morethanaconference

BEFORE Historymaker

How can I get my teens + their friends to #hm18?

  • Use the promo materials from onsite – including promo videos, social media graphics, and testimonials
  • Tell stories (often) – use interviews, have teens share their stories from Historymaker in previous years
  • Communicate #hm18 at all events; including Sunday mornings, website, verbal, events, one-on-ones at McD’s
  • Mark it on your calendar
  • Get parents to buy in
  • Connect people to #HM18 social media platforms on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Make it cheap

How do I Make #hm17 cheap where EVERYONE + ANYONE can go?

  • Build a budget (see template above) 
  • Ask the church to sponsor (x) amount of teens for their registration. Asking grandpas and grandmas are great.
  • Ask individuals or key leaders to donate for your teens to come to #hm18
  • Have a couple of fundraisers WHERE parents help build (not you). Check out the details here.
  • Book accommodations OTHER than a hotel that would include a church gym, campsite, retreat center, or college (see our accommodation partners)
  • Use the #hm18 shuttle program (Van Island only). For more details, please contact 
  • Budget an offering for MISSION at #hm18

DURING Historymaker

How can I communicate to my teens what is happening at #HM18?

  • Updates + all info for #HM18 will be on our app. You can find it at
  • Read through the #hm16 booklet for all the details, happenings, services, prayer stations, and response times throughout the weekend,

How can we make #HM18 #morethanaconference?

  • Be prepared to give towards the MISSION of #HM18. Details available here
  • Make new friends all throughout BC + the Yukon. 

What is in it for youth pastors + key leaders?

    Join a network of leaders and pastors from 1:30pm at Chilliwack Secondary School. 
    Please sign up to our email updates for all the details.