HistoryMaker TRUTH + REAL talks are designed for YOU to be encouraged, equipped and resourced on how to be all that God has designed you to be.

Healing from Sexual Addiction, SSA, and drugs 

Leaders ONLY: Leading from Within: Soul Care 

Understanding Emotional Triggers and How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Depression

WORSHIP LEADERS: Leading the Next Generation to Spirit-Led Worship



Why Purity?  Porn and Your Future Sex Life

Dating 101: Love Story

How to Share Your Faith without Loosing It in Everyday Life

Leaders ONLY: Fighting with the Demon of Discouragement


Leaders ONLY: Discipleship for the Next Generation

Reaching Your Friends for Christ: Starting a Youth Alpha On Your Campus

Empowered for Ministry: Getting Involved in your Youth Ministry

Defending your faith by being confident in it


Leaders ONLY: Raising, Recruiting, and Retaining Volunteers for Youth Ministry

Experiencing God through the WORD

Discerning God's Will in Your Everyday Life

Knowing + Hearing from God: A hands on persepctive on Healing + the Supernatural