• When promoting fundraisers share the vision and purpose behind HistoryMaker.
  • Once people grasp the vision, they will see the importance of helping your group.
  • You can share the vision by using the promo video, brochures, web page, and testimonies from previous years.
  • Promote your fundraisers well in advance not only to ensure maximum impact, but also to prepare the people and the youth group.
  • It is important to let the youth feel like they own these projects.


  1. Cafe – After youth night activities or Bible Study sell chips, pop, wings, and other good stuff.
  2. Live or Silent Auctions – Auctions can be live or silent, and both can be successful, but live auctions add more actions.
    The possibilities are endless: you can auction off donated items, pies, and other desserts. Be creative.
  3. Spaghetti/Pasta Fest - This is a low cost fundraiser that is sure to be lots of fun for those attending and participating.
    Sell tickets for an evening of pasta and fun. Have your youth wait on tables and provide the entertainment.

In fundraising remember to be creative. There are two ways to fundraise. One is to provide a service and the other is to ask for donations. The more creative you are the more people will rally around you. Get the youth to be involved. If you do all the work the youth will continue to let you do all the work. A little hard work (elbow grease) helps them respect what it took to make the trip take place.


Candy Grams to students, Sunday sundaes, barbeque at a grocery store, garage sales, pink flamingo insurance, birthday surprise, hair cuts, babysitting, frozen pizzas, entertainment books, collect outdated phone books for the phone company, clean highway ditches for the Government.


Offerings, bottle drives, items for garage sales, ticket entrance to a church function (like play or musical), shaving or perm youth pastor’s head, support letter.

Or check out the web for other fundraising ideas.  Here are a few sites to try*:

 *Historymaker does not claim to support or endorse any of these sites.